Questmead Ltd sell quality products and provide unrivalled services to the motorsport industry.

In-House Processes and Services

Brake bedding services.

We now can bed brake discs and pads for multiple applications, from various manufacturers and are able to combine these with a tailored bedding program to suit your needs. Questmead’s new collaboration sees a new service originating from years of experience and takes a simple but necessary job to the next level.  Working closely with race teams and manufacturers we have brought a basic, but valuable cost-saving, service to the table.  We introduce to you, Brake-Prep; Professional Brake Rotor and Pad Conditioning Service.


New compound from Mintex designed for the classic car driver.

Using modern materials on historic back plate shapes and shoe platforms, the new range will ensure a wide range of performance classic brake pads and shoe linings will be readily available to service the classic car market. Whether you have a Jaguar D-Type, Aston Martin or something completely unique, Mintex can manufacture brake or shoe linings for your car. Your classic vehicle is precious, buy Mintex classic brakes and treat it with the respect it truly deserves.  Made in the UK right here onsite at Questmead.

We are proud to say that the Mintex Classic range is also distributed by Questmead.  Contact us for more information or visit the dedicated Mintex Classic site:


Disc grinding and correction services.

Brake discs have a finite life and the combination of modern materials and designs come with high price in most cases.  We can now offer a service to assist you in getting more use and assist you in keeping the running costs of your vehicle down.  Following inspection we can advise you whether your brake discs can be ground to within an acceptable tolerance for continued safe use.  Contact us for details.


Brake preparation services for road and race applications.


New compound from Mintex designed for the classic car driver.


Disc grinding and correction services.


Brake shoe relining services in performance material.