Brake Bedding Service

An elite and bespoke service only offered by a handful of companies around the world.


Using a specially designed rig we can now, in-house, pre-bed a disc and pad combination of your choice using a taylored cycle which is computer controlled and repeated for consistency.  This process is already being used round the world by teams and championship organisers to save valuable time.


Before you think this service is for you; take into consideration that this is more economical for us to condition your disc and pads in batches rather than one-offs.  If you require just pads bedding, we can complete this with a donor disc or new from stock which will be included in the set up cost.  Likewise, we can pre-bed your discs on donor pad that is used but good condition.


Have the following information to hand before you make any enquiries:

  • Disc dimensions & part number.
  • Pad details; Manufacturer, part number, material.
  • Time scale for completion.
  • Technical requirements.

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