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AP Racing Announce Formula Clutch Kits To Be Made Obsolete

Very important news from the AP Racing camp this week.

The following Formula Clutch Kits have been made obsolete today and are therefore NO LONGER available to order.

CP2000-18/CP2000-18NB/CP2015-18/CP2015-18R  Subaru 5 Speed 230mm Clutches.
CP2000-19/CP2000-19NB/CP2015-19  Mitsubishi Evo 4,5,6 5 Speed Clutches.
CP2000-21NB Nissan Skyline R33 Clutch.
CP2000-22NB/CP2015-22NB/CP2015-22RNB Honda Integra DC2 Clutches.
CP2000-23/CP2015-23 Nissan Pulsar Clutches.
CP2000-24/CP2015-24 Nissan 200 SX S14 Clutches.
CP2000-30NB/CP2015-30NB/CP2015-30RNB  Honda Civic Type R EP3 Clutches.
CP2000-31/CP2000-31NB/CP2015-31/CP2015-31R/CP2015-31RNB Subaru 6 Speed 240mm Clutches.
CP2000-32/CP2000-32NB/CP2015-32/CP2015-32NB/CP2015-32R/CP2015-32RNB Mitsubishi 6 Speed 240mm Clutches.


We offer alternatives to ALL of the above clutches and will have spare parts if you currently have customers with these clutches.

For further clarification please contact us.