Questmead Ltd - Mintex M-Series Pad Bedding

2018 Christmas Closure

Last orders for a 2018 delivery should be submitted on or before Thursday 20th of December.  Our offices will close at 5.00pm on Friday 21st December and will re-open at 8.00am on Wednesday the 2nd January.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  Thank you for your continued business. We are donating to the following charities instead of sending gifts out this year.


mintex 250x250

Instruction on how to bed Mintex M series brake pads.  Please get in touch if you need advice...

1. Clean discs with brake cleaner or other solvent.

2. 3/4 light applications 30mph down to 0mph.

M1144; 3. 6/7 steady applications 70mph down to 30mph.

M1155; 3. 8/9 steady applications 90mph down to 30mph.

M1166; 3. 9/10 steady applications 90mph down to 30mph.

4. Leave to cool as long as possible (They now work from cold).


Mintex shoe relining in high performance and competition materials.