Questmead Ltd - Mintex F-Series Pad Bedding

mintex 250x250

Instruction on how to bed Mintex F series brake pads.  Please get in touch if you need advice...

Follow the supplied bedding guidelines and not bedding procedures based on old technology. Failure to do so could result in brake components overheating and possible failure.

Bedding Mintex F-Series material requires 12-24 short hard stops while gradually building temperature. To do this without overtaxing the system, the stops should be done in low gear to ensure that the energy input is limited.

Accelerate to a high RPM level and apply the brakes in a short hard snub.
Once a pre-determined lower RPM level is reached the driver should accelerate back to the high RPM immediately and repeat the procedure a further 8-10 times.
After this a lap can be driven to test the brakes.

If necessary the entire process can be repeated to give a better feel. On returning to the pits the brakes should be allowed time to cool and the system bled before further use.

It is stressed that when carrying out the bedding process, the brakes are not dragged or the car taken from very high speed to very low or a stop. To do so many results in damage to or failure of brake system.


Mintex shoe relining in high performance and competition materials.