Questmead Ltd - Reconditioning & Repair

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We have various inspection, repair and reconditioning services available.

Please note service will be subjected to a full inspection and agreement prior to work commencing.

  • Clutch drive plates.
  • Clutch pressure plates.
  • Clutch cylinders.
  • Brake shoe reline in performance material.
  • Brake shoe reline in road material.
  • Air jacks.
  • Brake calipers.
  • Brake cylinders.
  • Brake disc correction (warped or tired discs).
  • Brake pad correction (glazed or uneven pads surface).

Below is a video of our disc grinder in action


Brake preparation services for road and race applications.


New compound from Mintex designed for the classic car driver.


Disc grinding and correction services.


Brake shoe relining services in performance material.

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